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Your farm holiday

The Unterhochstätt holiday farm was still a full-time agricultural business 60 years ago. Nowadays our organic farm is a sideline business. The farm has been run by our family for over 200 years and is one of the few entailed estates left in Tyrol.

The many different animals here on the farm are not only a source of holiday joy for our young guests, but also supply the hotel with high quality produce. The beef is exclusively our own, and some of the pork, eggs, cold meats and speck are also from our farm. We are particularly proud of our 30 head highland cattle herd, which you can admire here at our hotel!

Summer break up on the high pastures...

From the end of May til the beginning of September, the highland cattle spend summer up at the Unterhochstättalm, at Unterberg. A special  highlight for our guests is the weekly trip up to the high pastures to visit them.
The summer culminates at the middle of September when the cattle are driven back down to the farm and the festivities that go along with that tradition.

Autumn is the time of birthing...

The autumn in Tyrol is impressive, not only due to the colourful forests. From the middle of September to the end of October our highlands are grazing in the fields surrounding the Unterhochstätt holiday farm. Here the calving season takes place and with a bit of luck one may be witness to this natural spectacle.  

Happiness is...

on the back of a horse! Four haflinger horses and the two ponys "Snow White" and "Mona“ are waiting to be ridden, patted and cared for in their stable!

Happy as a pig in mud...

We also have pigs as pets here at Unterhochstätt holiday farm! And they can access outdoors too. Some would be jealous if they saw Mrs Sow and Mr Eber wallowing in the mud. And the Sunday roasting of one of the organically raised pigs by Chef Gabi is of course part of the program!

No fowl play here...

Here our organic chickens are busy laying eggs for our guests!

Goats and bunnies...

They are all in the barn. Summer and winter, children and their parents can visit them anytime. They love to be cuddled and pampered!

There is plenty to do...

on a farm in Tyrol. In the mornings at 8.00 o'clock and afternoons at 4.00 o'clock children can help with the animals. The work plan consists of mucking out the stable, feeding, collecting eggs and more.

Driving a tractor is the best...

Haymaking, mowing, fertilizing, transporting wood - there is always a reason to start the tractor - which children love. A ride on the tractor is always a highlight!

/ Experience the greatest happiness on earth at Unterhochstätt farm! \


Young and old, beginners and advanced, you can experience alot together with the horses. Book guided pony rides, individual tuition, group tuition and rides out into nature with our instructor Maria. Our wellness farm has everything you need for your riding holiday in Tyrol.

May we introduce ourselves?


I am Archie, the naughty one in the stable! As I am so intelligent, I am always coming up with new ways to make people laugh. I especially love the evening walks (forbidden by farmer Leo!) with the goat family.


My name is Viona and I am the boss of the farm! I love riding lessons and walks in the nature. I am very graceful and the most beautiful in the stable, and I let the others know! And I do love to be petted by visitors to the stable.


My name is Sasu and in my younger years I was an award-winning haflinger mare. And I still enjoy riding lessons and going out into the nature. I often receive praise because I am well behaved compared to the other rascals in the stable.


I am Olga and am having a summer holiday here on the farm! With my black coat and magnificent mane I am a real eye-catcher in the stable. I don't want to seem conceited, but I have only good characteristics: I am young, fast, obey immediately and am the absolute favourite riding horse!

Snow White

I am Snow White and am the favourite on the farm! I am an old lady now and enjoying my pension. I love to graze in the fresh green fields and be spoilt by the children on the farm!


I am Mona and I am new here! Through my loving nature and curiosity I steal everybody's heart on the farm. I love pony rides together with all the farm children and the pampering afterwards!